ID universities in Japan?

Is there any Industrial Design colleges in Japan that teach in english?

just curious since i tend to love the culture, and wouldnt mind studying there one day. thanks!

Georgia or Japan, eh?

Not sure, but interesting.

If you become a professional in ID, I’d say you will more than likely make a stop or three in Japan in your lifetime.

haha dont wanna go to school there, just wanna do a semester there abroad. but certainly want my home univ. to be back home in Ga. lol

thanks for all your help :wink:

told’ja i was confused

SCAD has off campus programs in…

Tokyo, London, Provence - France, Italy, and some other places I can’t remember. I know there is a handful, they are usually just fliers posted around the city, with ample time to prepare ahead of time.

Though they won’t offer ID courses in most of these off-campus programs, you can take your core classes over there, like Art History, Drawing, etc. Though, some times they are randomly ID-focused off-campus programs for 10 weeks like in France two Winters ago, I believe.

I killed off all my art history and core electives at SCAD in the France and UK study abroad programs.

i guess i wouldnt mind killing the core/ electives off.

their website on offcampus studies is kinda confusing, they say Japan “has been visited” but does not say it is a current place to study abroad.

but i guess i will email them about it.

-Is it difficult to set up your core/elective courses abroad at SCAD?
-When are you allowed to study abroad (most colleges say you must complete 2 semesters at the home institution, etc.)?

  • What collegiate year did you study abroad (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior)?

oh and did your institution in France speak english, lol. thats another thing i worry about with Japan, the language. Not a major issue however. :]

regards\ Ron