ID undergraduate RIT vs CCA

RIT - Rochester Institute of Technology ()
CCA - California College of Art

I’m really having trouble of choosing school…
can someone help me to analyse the advantage or weakness of these two?
comparisons would be even better…
Thanks a lot!

Well the easiest contrast is that RIT is a engineering school, and CalArt is obviously an art school. What do want to do in ID? Do you want to be more on the artistic side or on the engineering side?

Comparing 2 art schools, and comparing 2 engineering schools would be more of a comparison.

well…I think I want to be on the artistic side more

But just based on the ID undergraduate program…
which school has better programs? or reputation?

I heard that RIT offers pretty good internship opportunities for students…
and their under programs are good, too
but my teacher doesn’t know much about the west-coast schools…

hope can get some suggestions/opinions, thanks!

Do you want to spend 4 years in the man-filled Tundra known as Rochester? :laughing:

I’ve seen some good work come out of RIT, and they have a well rounded program balancing the technical side of things with the some reasonably solid artistic foundation. With that said I’d much rather be living in California for 4 years. The strength of a program doesn’t matter if you’re totally miserable at college - and all too often people overlook that fact.

Is there any particular reason you narrowed it down to those two? What about other east coast schools?

hehe, well, actually I am also admitted by
CIA (cleveland institute of arts)
CCS (college for creative studies)(detroit)

I heard they also have very good ID programs…
but CIA only has only 500 students…
and seems like both places are pretty boring…after talked to students from those schools

in comparison of that, RIT has definitely more students…more than 10000
and CCA is in SF, which is a cool place to live in…sounds more exciting, too

but still wondering about their programs…lol
does anyone know about their programs? like for recently?

RIT is on a ten week quarter system. This is a very “real” world introduction to pace. All Art Majors (ID included) take the same foundation first year art classes. This is a great way to kick start your college career and it exposes you to other majors. The next 3 years is directly into what you are doing. The school is set up for specific programs. In addition, as you progress they set up your classes much like the real world. Meaning daily time-frames.

The city of Rochester is under-rated. Yes, it is not Cali, but there is plenty of clubs, good food and culture for a city of it’s size. Hey, if it is cold, you might as well ski/board. Decent (east coast) skiing is 45min away.