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I’ve finally given in to the power that is Twitter. Find it quite useful for sharing/finding links, seeing what people are working on, networking etc.

After reading Design Droplets recent blog post of 10 Industrial Designers worth following I decided to post a topic here.

So thoughts on Twitter? Any IDers you recommend following? And if anyone is up for sharing their username please do, mine is -

My brother signed me up - he’s a bit of a web guru (runs the web operations for a famous greetings card company).

‘You should be on there’ he says. So I am -

at first I was a bit WTF?!!?? but now I totally get it. It’s great for me, for research, especially fashion trends and also because I’m on my boat, when I move somewhere new I can tweet to the other boaters I know.

I just started using it a bit more seriously, think its great for sharing information, but then again thats what the whole micro-blogging rage is about.

I like it as its a little less personal than say facebook, sounds a bit creepy to"follow" someone but once you get past the fact that complete strangers want to know what your doing, or feel the need to reccomend new music to you its pretty cool.

Great post! I have also been looking for more designers to follow.

I’ve been on Twitter for a while though not necessarily talking about design:

I’m resurrecting this topic, looking for more id’ers on twitter

Here’s mine:

I haven’t gotten the whole Twitter thing yet though.
I like linkedin for networking:

I’m on it! @gielow

I’m so sick of Twitter. I can’t wait for it to die. I could care less about the minutia of other people’s lives.

that’s exactly what I thought until I started using it… Some people use it for “OMG, drinking a McLatte’ delish!” type updates and a few here and there are fine but it’s more like real time chat room / rss / blog. Great links, articles, music, pictures, ideas being shared constantly. It’s halfway between passive (blog reading) and active (chat) I’d encourage you to try it.

You know, I’m sick of people so desperate to see Twitter fall flat on it’s face. It’s interesting to see the publics response to Twitter compared to other social media sites out there. I put it down to the hype created by the media, and I find those that are so against twitter just haven’t found a way of using it effectively.

Used properly it can spark conversation, create networking oppourtunities, drive traffic to your website, find useful links. And there’s also the whole trend analysis side of it, I find the trending topics is always cool to look at, especially for designers.

The hype will die, but look beyond the media and the 'I’ve-got-more-friends-than-you- users, you’ll find them on every social media website. Used effectively Twitter is a very powerful tool.

I’m on the fence on Twitter. A lot of folks have asked me to start, but I feel like between here for a broad audience, and facebook for friends (and “friends”) do I need another e-media outlet? Not to mention coroflot and linkedin?

I see the good in it, just weighing it out.

I agree with that, the biggest issue I have is finding time to stay on top of it along with all the other services mentioned. I’m at the point where I check periodically but don’t care if I miss something. It seems like some people tweet 24/7, like for seriously.

I know what you mean. There is so much out there. I’m always thinking of ways it could all be brought together, and who will be the first to do it and steal the show. I’m interested to see if google wave goes off in this direction…

Coincidence this topic has reappeared while the Iran elections have shown the potential Twitter holds.

I registered 6 days ago to see what’s with it. Haven’t used it much

Here is my page.

have you ever used flock?

Wow, i am typing this from flock. Just configured my youtube, myspace, facebook, yahoo mail, blog and flickr accout. I can’t believe how easy it is to access any of these sites and my contacts from the SIDEBAR. Or just click on the blog on the service bar, for a compose window to pop up. From the browser itself i can access any of those services, like an application, its soon to say that, but the way i navigated them, didn’t feel like the sites were web based.

I never used it before, it took me about 5 minutes to figure it out.
If you haven’t used it before, just click on the little key to open the account and service side bar.

Its good and easy to navigate. I think i am switching

I hate the restrictions on the length of the username, couldn’t fit the full name by only a few letters :frowning:[/list]

I discovered Twitter by doing an interview with Biz Stone for The Greener Grass last year. I started using it slowly but have finally started to get the hang of it, and see some value in it. That said, I don’t have a smartphone which allows me only moderate use of the service (both a blessing and a curse I’m sure).

I like to use it as a parking lot for ideas that spring up in the middle of my day. I used to write them down on post-its or let them die off. Now when I post, sometimes someone replies, starting an interesting conversation that refines or refutes something i was thinking about.

Follow me:

We’ve actually got an Automotive designer twitter list going over on our site. Feel free to contact us and add your name on the list.