ID trainings

I have just completed Bachelors in Industrial Engineering from Institute Of Engineering, Nepal and I would like to persue my career in ID, but I would first like to participate in some ID training program abroad because there are no training available in my country. Where would i be able to get ID training which will be fruitful? It would be best if the training period was from 3 to 6 months.

How much of an education in “engineering” would you expect to get out of 3-6 months of training. At most universities, Industrial Design is a complex curriculum taking from four to five years to complete.

A short-term Internship (3-6 months) at a design firm, or corporation, would be predicated on a student portfolio demonstrating advanced professional skills, which regretfully you do not possess. This is not to say that you might not be able to secure employment as a designer, but it is unlikely.

I suggest you start here

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