ID to Graph Design need advice?

So over the course of the summer I have been contemplating transferring/ switching my major. Originally Graphic Design I didnt feel that the department at the school I am at challenged me enough, so I switched to ID.

I enjoy ID but since we are a young program (app state) I do not feel like I have had the right training/teaching and have just been burned out. I have had a good run with ID thus far, ICFF and a Freelance project for MTVs Real World but Im not sure if Product Design is for me.

I have been in school now for 3 going on my 4th year, and still have this year and the next to finish ID here. If I were to transfer (to NC State) I would more than likely loose credits add sometime on and switch my major back to Graphic Design.

I have always been good at Graphic Design but feel that with my training and education at my current school I dont feel that I will be able to even land an adequate job as far as ID goes.

I would like peoples opinion if possible on this issue.

NC State has an outstanding ID program , transfer there and you may find your not so burned out as you may think.

Yeah, I’ve looked into it but due to some political issues Im not able to really transfer into that program

if there were no issues whatsoever in getting into either the ID or Graphics program of your choice, which would you ultimately prefer?

Probably Graphic simply because I am better at it and have years of experience.

It sound like you already have your answer. :slight_smile:

Now if you are asking if you can get into graphic design with a degree in industrial design thats an entirely different question.

You can however pursue packaging with and ID degree which tends to be a bit of both ID and Graphic.

Packaging is a good idea, you might also look into Point of Purchase design. These are the on-shelf or in-isle product displays, good niche for an ID/Graphics person…often done in concert with packaging.

If you do decide to take this route, be sure you find a company that still allows you to be creative. It can turn into do what the client want with no real process (Sketching, Research, etc…). I work in house so I tend to get a lot of freedom with conceptualization

awesome, perhaps a double major?

you might be able to get a minor in Graphics.
ID will keep you pretty busy though. There’s noplace to do just POP or Packaging at an ID program, just focus your efforts within the given projects and try to get an internship with someone like Proctor and Gamble - that would seal the deal.

I agree with no_spec. Speaking a Packaging designer I would say that a good understanding of graphic design principle would be a good idea but this can be learned on your own. ID is going to take up a lot of time and those skills you learn (Design research, experience models, conceptual thinking, rapid mock-up creation) will be very helpful when looking for a packaging job. Just make sure you Adobe skills are up to par. These are key programs in the Pkg field.

As far as an internship goes…There are plenty of ID firms that also do packaging. Swerve, 4sight, IDEO, Laga, are just a few that we work with. POP is a different animal. There are tons of POP firms out there but like I mention in my last post, you have to make sure they are going to let you be creative and use your ID skills. A lot of them tend to be a very CAD and pump out what the client wants.