ID to Graph Design need advice?

So over the course of the summer I have been contemplating transferring/ switching my major. Origninally Graphic Design I didnt feel that the department at the school I am at challenged me enough, so I switched to ID.

I enjoy ID but since we are a young program (app state) I do not feel like I have had the right training/teaching and have just been burned out. I have had a good run with ID thus far, ICFF and a Freelance project for MTVs Real World but Im not sure if Product Design is for me.

I have been in school now for 3 going on my 4th year, and still have this year and the next to finish ID here. If I were to transfer (to NC State) I would more than likely loose credits add sometime on and switch my major back to Graphic Design.

I have always been good at Graphic Design but feel that with my training and education at my current school I dont feel that I will be able to even land an adequate job as far as ID goes.

I would like peoples opinion if possible on this issue.