ID to architecture

Im an industrial designer seriously interested in taking on architecture…does anyone have any suggestions or know of the best way to pursue a degree…I currently have a BA in ID

happens all the time. Architecture has a particular degree for people switching fields, the M.Arch 1. That takes 3-3.5 years, is accredited, and offered by a ton of schools. Portfolio is required for admissions, but because M.Arch 1 programs admit separately from programs for people who have an architecture undergrad, it’s fine if it’s work in the fine arts, ID, interiors, graphic design… anything that shows your creativity and your current skill level. Not that you shouldn’t make it the best you can since many programs are extremely competitive, but they understand that going into those programs you won’t necessarily have architectural projects to put in there.

You’re probably a little late in the application season to get together a really good app, but I’d suggest that you check out to start finding programs that might interest you.

he’s right.

Also, to be a licenced Architect you have to have a Masters degree.
(I think NY was the last holdout that accepted Bachelors)

why would you want to go from ID to arch? honestly asking.

i know many people who have done the reverse, but nobody gone from ID to architecture.

i was initially planning to do arch and applied (and was accepted to several top arch schools here in Canada), but luckily found ID and never looked back.

from what i hear, ID has a lot better job placement stats and in the end you do a lot more actual work. at best for lots of arch grads you’ll do a shed for someones backyard or maybe a kitchen reno or something. thats after 5+ years of study and a few more of apprenticeship, btw.

the best way my past ID dean explained it that convinced me to go into ID, was something like this- (a bit idealistic, but still).

ID is democratic. you design for the people and they make your success. that is that if you design a product, and it sells then you’ve done an OK job. the individual decides for the most part the products they buy, and you are directly connected to their choices.

Architecture is autocratic. Most people dont choose the architecture they live in, work in, etc. While influenced by use, and the people, you are usually at the mercy of the developer, zoning laws, planning depts., etc. making the connection to the important end user is all but impossible.

another good difference i found interesting is the idea of scale. most ID work is into the scale of mm or thousands of an inch. architecture tolerances can be as high as plus/minus inches. just indicative of the level of detail and interest in precision, i suppose.

dunno if this helps…

have you practiced ID yet? what makes you consider arch?


where to start… First, I’m not a ‘he’. Second, your information regarding licensing is incorrect. All states accept the B.Arch as a path to licensure. I simply think it would be a more efficient path to choose the M.Arch I route.

Regarding employability/what work you do in architecture… I think RKuchinsky’s being a bit grim. Certainly in architecture one does very little work on one’s own, and does not do concept design early on, but you are not just working on sheds! There is simply more to working on buildings than design, so grads start out in lower level positions on project teams ranging from houses to hospitals to university buildings, depending upon the firm one works for of course. Lower level positions can include drafting, code research, making up presentation boards and renderings, and/or smaller design tasks and detailing.

Im thinking more of incorporating the two together. Never would i leave ID but Architecture is a new avenue with larger media.