ID textbooks in general discussions

I will assume those interested in DesignManagement have been around the block a few times.

So I am asking that ya’ll go to the General Discussions and view the topic about ID textbooks.

And best case scenario:
Pull out the name and date and author of ID textbooks or influential ID books and list them in the blog.

Many of us will value from your experience, wisdom and collections.

Plus, myself and others are interested in building a library of the oldest ID or Industrial Arts books. Knowing where we came from is key to our future.

thanks all!


Try The Creative Priority by Jerry Hirshberg

An amazing book about Industrial Design, but also about organizing a business around the principle of creativity.

There’s a similar thread ongoing in the ‘general discussion’ forum, and it already has about 40 recommendations worth checking out:

Why not just go straight to the source:

  • virtually everything ever published anywhere in the world.