ID text books

Hey Everyone.

I was looking for some new ID books and it got me thinking.

What sort of books are out there that lean more to the text book side of thing as opposed to the “picture book” or “long essay style of writing”

Are there maths and science style textbooks for Industrial Designer?

Interested in anything that might be out there?

Cheers Timm

Can you define what you mean by “textbook” any further? There a lots of books about individual designers, design history, or educational resources about specific topics like materials, processes, green design, etc. There are also plenty of encyclopedia-type books about industrial design in general or more specific categories like furniture, but I suspect that’s what you’re calling a picture book.

I read an older Henry Dreyfuss book back when I was in school that I found interesting, but honestly I’m not sure how much I still remember about it. Would that still be considered a long essay?

For a scientific basis behind industrial design, you may want to get into design methodology and look for scientific publications through ScienceDirect for example. The field is called Design Theory and Methodology.

To get started, the classic science-minded formalist education type textbook over here is
‘Product Design: Fundamentals and Methods’ by Roozenburg and Eekels. It treats design essentially as one of the processes utliized to generate value from the streams of knowledge, energy, and material that make up a business, and the idea of the science of course is to optimize that value through methodical practice.

By the way, going in-depth in the area of constructing with plastics, I find industrial design also to become quite mathematical and scientific at times. It will always be a tiny little brother of the exact disciplines…

Also, for a classical introduction to the field of ID, we cannot omit ‘Industrial Design’ by John Heskett and ‘Pioneers Of Modern Design’ by Nikolaus Pevsner but you probably know those. They are a bit in between an essay and introductory academic textbook.