ID student sketches! Furniture of all things.

For starters: Long time core77 forum/news reader, first time poster… I tend to read more than i write :wink: .

Practice makes perfect right? Either way, i’m a first year design student on a quest to improve my drawing skills. When i started 6 months ago, i had very little drawing experience and have only been drawing for 12 months tops. Never any before except the odd cartoon in a math book. I sketch on most days for over an hour. To say the improvements so far have been good would be an understatement. Looking @ my ‘rendering’ from 8 months ago, woah… best not to talk about that…

Anyway, ANY practical advice/criticisms etc. will definanly be taken on board. Its a worrying trend within my faculty of people who think they dont need to know how to draw and computers do everything these days… i want to be a grad who can render the pants of anything with a few markers and a pen :laughing: . Wishful thinking maybe, but… oh ok, ill stop talking.

The last is an A1 drawing we had to do, based on the work of Piranesi, the italian etcher bloke.

Thanks for your help guys,

it looks like every line on your sketches were a painful and scary experience. what i mean by that is the linework is not confident. it looks like you should move to pencil for a while (prismacolor/verithin) and just let your elbows do the drawing. Lock your wrists, and just be gestural with your lines. pen tends to be too permanent to start with.

I can tell by the linework that you draw all from your wrist and that only works for fine details, your drawings will speed up and look graceful when you begin to draw with your whole arm. if you do not know what i mean let me know…

on a good note, perspective looks pretty good and knowledge of light/shadow seems to be evident. keep studying from real life and pushing yourself to draw new things. dont just stay in the furniture realm, the more you learn how to draw the easier it will all become.

good luck!

Good start, and not too bad. I can at least understand the design you are communicating.

However less is more here, focus on one media, marker or pen and keep it light.

the amount of marker work you have put in looks like a final rendering and i dont think that is what you want?

Well, ive picked up a fashion design book (for some variety) and i’m keeping a rigid wrist… Time to draw some people!

Thanks for the advice lingmiester & mbetteker.