ID Services Pricing Guide

Hi: Can anyone recommend a guide to price ID services? This would be similar to the “Graphic Arts Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines” published every year.

This question gets asked often, and theres never a good response or a hard and fast guideline simply because the gap is so wide. I know people who can charge $200/hr just for sketches and I would never expect to charge even close to that. Design has such a wide set of skills and deliverables that prices can be all over the place even for something that may be considered the same.

For example you could break out your rate at an even $100/hr, but is complex 3D modelling going to be the same rate as sketching? Breaking it down even further is production surfacing going to be the same rate as creating quick renderings?

I would say the easiest way to get a ballpark on what your time should be worth is take what you expect your yearly salary to be, add in the cost of business expenses, and divide that by how many hours you typically work.