ID schools that guarantees jobs?

what are some good undergrad ID schools/program that can get you jobs easily after you graduate?
maybe lots of opportunity for co-op, internship, etc.
i’m not thinking about going to grad school, thats why. ( but is it better to? )

None can and none will guarantee jobs after graduation.

You can study ID at a community college (if you can somehow find one) and get a great ID job after graduation if you put your own time and effort in.
You can go to the most ridiculously priced big name school that focuses on ID and get a job as a gas station if you don’t put your own time and effort in.

Just going to a specific school does not guarantee anything, except tuition.

UC (Cincinatti) is well known for their integration of co-ops, but most schools have connections for internships.

It should be made crystal clear that no college is going to get you a job (let alone the job you want) and that you can get an internship anywhere as long as you try hard enough. And while internships are always viewed as positive it won’t stop you from getting a job if you don’t have one (I never did - and I was happily employed 3 months after graduation).

Very little reason to go to grad school for ID if you get your bachelors in ID. In fact if you do, it may hurt you because you will be expected to have a much, much higher caliber portfolio than someone who has only a bachelors, and while you have 2+ more years of schooling, you still won’t have had any professional experience.

come see SCAD i think were pretty good at getting jobs but it always depends on the students if ur a lazy bum ull never get anytin in life… Industrial Design Programs | Industrial Design College Programs |