ID Schools in Japan

Currently I’m a Sophomore I.D. student at the University of Cincinnati and I’m interested in studying abroad in Japan for six months to a year prejunior or senior year (but I am flexible). The problem I am having is finding a school that will accept a foreign exchange student with moderate (but not fluent) Japanese proficiency. Has anyone else been able to study/ have any guidance as to schools/ procedures I should look for?

don’t know any for sure,
but as a backup plan I know there have been co-ops in Japan…

I’m a new graduate and I’m looking forward to do a master’s degree in Japan and from what i’ve researched there are more courses given in Japanese than in english when you’re an undergraduate. And yes sadly they all ask intl undergrads to be fluent in japanese.

A couple of friends have gone to japan in the summer for 5 weeks or so to study the language. There are special scholarships that apply for this kind of students maybe you can have a start there.

By the way which design schools have you heard of? I know of Tama Art University, Chiba, Tsukuba and Tohoku university of art and design. But i’m not really sure about which one to choose. What universities do you have in mind?

A Japanese friend of mine once pointed out Kanazawa College of Art.
(not really a college) He said that’s one of the more prestigious art schools in Japan. And as an added bonus Kanazawa itself is really nice as well.


To answer one question is that after looking around I’ve found Kobe Design University (, Kyoto Seika University (, Kyoto University of Art and Design (, and Nagoya University of Arts ( Those might be a good start. One method I’ve used for finding universities is by going onto and looking at students from Japan’s portfolios and seeing where they went to school.
Thanks for the advice on Kanazawa! I wrote to them and we’ll see if anything turns up, though I haven’t heard anything in the last 3 days or so. Anyone have any other thoughts?

Thanks a lot on the advice! :astonished: I was kinda lost on where to search.