ID School Portfolio Problem

Greetings all,

I am graduating next May with a BS in Mechanical Engieering. I plan on pursuing a Masters degree in Industrial Desing after I am done. I know that there will be prep classes involved with most programs before I am “officially” in the ID programs.

The issue I am having is that some schools require portfolios from non-desing majors. They state things, such as, “portfolios form non-desing majors should show a interest in design… blah blah.” How do I go about creating a portfolio? I do not want to limit myself to certain schools because of a lack of a portfolio. I have limited art skills and have not taken any art training since I was in HS.

I attached some things I did in my free time over the past year or two. Thanks in advance for the help guys!

I would recommend to not focus on the examples of skill without context and rather develop a number of projects that show your conceptual ability to think and find appropriate, creative solutions.
These boards are jam-packed with great examples of projects, spanning from research and ideation to final result.
Identify something that interests you or a problem that bugs you and try to solve it or to find a different, better approach.

Having projects like that will give you a lot more to talk about than a number of graphic exercises. Especially considering that you are applying to grad school where your analytical thinking is going to be key.

Good luck!