ID Program at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

CMU is really famous for its buisness and technology colleges, but I was wondering how strong their ID program is.

How is the program compared to the program of other schools?
Is it difficult to get a job after you graduate?
What would the estimate salary be for a fresh graduate of an ID CMU student be?

+some general information about their course and how it is distinct from other schools.

Thank you.

I’ve heard that it is not as great as they play it up to be and most people I know from there have trouble in the sketching department, but I have seen exceptions to that rule.

The program is, like every other program in the world, what you make of it. There are excellent professors at CMU, and you have the ability to “tweak” your experience to fit your needs. The emphasis of the program is on user centered design and process, and not on styling.

Pittsburgh is cold in the winter.

cold in the winter?! of course!!!

Perhaps it’s helpful to compare CMU:
the University of Chicago and U of Michigan are a couple other 1st-teir midwest universitys with ID. None of them have the best design programs, but you’ve got to be pretty bright to get into school there and consistantly good, occasionally great work comes out.
An ID degree with a minor in business/maufacturing would be easily worth as much/more as a degree from a big name school…

I am curious/interested in their Masters in Product Development. From its description page, it sounds just like what designers do at their jobs everyday. So what’s so special about it?

So what the deal,
is carnegie mellon too academic? I find most art students are not great students at anything else, and so CM is sort of asking a lot of applying art students - maybe that’s not the case - I have not seen the talent from there and have not heard of anyone from there so I can not comment beyond that.

Oh right,
check out this site:


Well I understand that the undergrad program is probably more demanding in terms of being good at not just art/design. However I am thinking that the graduate program will be a lot more focused.

The department page said that candidates will have projects with CMU’s engineering and/or business students to develop a full product under a corperate sponsor. I wish we get this as undergrads.