ID Process Flow Charts

Does anybody know of a good resource for examples of ID Process flow charts and how our process ties in with the larger product development process including marketing and engineering?

I am trying to educate my new employer who really doesn’t have a process in place and didn’t want to re-invent the wheel if one already exists out there somewhere.

I understand the process myself (research, ideation, concept refinement, evaulation,etc…), but need to show it in a graphic format.

just about every consultancy has a Process/Methods page on thier website…

What’s with the smart ass reply? Don’t you think I already did that?

Looked at IDEO,Altitude, GroupFour,Insight, LunarDesign…

Guess what! Nothing like I’m looking for.

Do me a favor - don’t reply to my posts, especially if you feel the need to reply anonymously.

…pm with your e-mail and i will send you some charts.

if you already have it in mind, why don’t you put it in graphic form then?

wasting other’s time due to his own laziness.