ID Portfolio - Update

Updated Link Below:

This is the most recent version of my sample portfolio. I’m a recent mechanical engineering and industrial design graduate seeking a full time ID position or internship. I’ve attempted to show a variety of projects and skills but worry that it’s not as successful as I would like. I would appreciate any suggestions to help make this better and more appealing to potential hiring managers. Thanks for your help and your time.

Impressive, I’m sitting in the same situation as you and hope i can get up to the same standard of portfolio.

My only input would be to remove the table of contents, I think this takes away for the cleaness for your title page layout. Most people will be taking a look at your entire portfolio, so different sections is not that important to them.

Good luck !

The table of contents is a holdover from my larger portfolio. Would you suggest I just have my name? Thanks for your feedback as well.

Anyone else have an opinion to share? Your feedback would be sincerely appreciated.

Updates: New resume upload.

I’m also impressed with a lot of the pages. I also think the table of contents isn’t particularly necessary since this isn’t a particular large collection of projects. But it’s kinda more of your preference (I don’t think it takes away that much either if you leave it). One thing I did notice was the relative lack of color.


Looking at the crane carrier and the diabetes management device the sketches have a more organic feel than the final CAD. It looks as though the final forms were constrained by your ability in CAD and the forms that you have explored on paper haven’t carried through to the final designs. I would be tempted to make the sketches that informed the final design more prominent.

On the other hand the bike sketches show a progression and that the sketches you did really did add to the final concept.



You’re welcome. I didn’t realise it was a live project, I only had a quick flick through. I would definitely make some sort of differentiation between the work that you wanted and the work that you had to do to make it viable then. Perhaps a hard task in your teaser but maybe a timeline showing the change after your clients input on your design work would help ?


hey Kevin, this is a personal thing for me, but I kind of loath these issuu things, I just don’t like the interface, zoomed out I can’t read anything, zoomed in it jumps all over. And the lag time kills me. I prefer just a straight up pdf on a server… but that is beside the point.

Your work is good, but the portfolio reads more like a samples of skills. There just is not really anything provocative or memorable in it that says “I must hire this guy”. That is my initial feeling after a breeze through. Based on what I see, I think you can pull it off, but it needs another push.

What kind of position are you going for, is your degree an ME or an ID?

Thanks for the feedback, YO. I’m using this portfolio to apply for ID jobs. I did a five year program where I got degrees in ME and ID. Since beginning the job search, I’ve applied to ME jobs (in design consultancies) and straight up ID jobs as well. I have a different portfolio that I use to apply for engineering positions. The economy is rough (especially for entry levels), so I’m trying to get my foot in the door as an ID or an ME in a design firm/organization. Thanks again for taking the time to look through my work. I really appreciate it. I’ll overhaul it and post it again when its finished.