ID Portfolio Review

Hi everyone!
In the future I’d love to work in consumer product/electronics or an ID consultancy studio.
I graduated 2 years ago, currently a “junior level” packaging designer.
What’s good/ what am I lacking (skills, types of projects, process etc.) now, and what will I need in my folio as I approach “mid level” designer?

Thanks for sharing! I think you have a very beautiful portfolio and I like how the flow really explains the value of your designs. That’s one thing my portfolio needs more of, logical flow and valuation. I’m interested to see how your gas station project turns out, your research is very well presented! Good luck.

Thanks for the kind words @frdiby!
Curious as to areas I could add to or improve on, to tailor my folio towards design consultancies or consumer electronics.

Hi Thomas,

Your presentation is good, navigation works well, overall this is a very well created portfolio.
The 360 cam is the best project because it ties in with current technology and innovation trends. This is a project that made it to the market - that is great! You have to make that clear in your portfolio. I would also like to see you explain the major design choices, and tell it more like a story.
If you want to work at a consumer electronics design agency you will need to go more in-depth where it comes to working with emerging technologies, learning to integrate them into your prototypes, as well as making your research more thorough and methodical.
Also your website misses a section explaining more about yourself as a designer.

Illustration is a different profession as sketching, it is clearer to name that section ‘sketches’ or ‘visualization’. Start with your strongest sketches, I think your first sketch is not strong enough to show in a portfolio. The rest are decent to very good, you can work more on creating depth and interest through more dynamic strokes, perspectives, backgrounds and overall see to develop your own style.

Thank you Ralph,
Is it unclear that what I designed in the 360 cam project was specifically the windshield mount accessory, for a pre-existing 360 camera?
The windshield mount accessory is a concept, not in market.
I also created all the renderings, but don’t want to falsely claim the camera design.

Noted, will add an “about me”, and look at the sketch section again.
Will try to find projects that utilize cutting edge tech.

This is not clear. I also was under the impression you designed the camera.
I think it probably has to do with the fact that you chose the camera and not the mount as your cover image.
I’d change this and also write a little bit more about your reasons as to why you undertook this project.