ID Portfolio Review/Feedback

Hi everyone,

I am a recent industrial design graduate from Arizona State. My new website/portfolio is nearing completion and I would like feedback/insight on it has I prepare to start heavily applying to companies. Ideal I would love to work at a consultancy, top area of interest is lifestyle/action sports industry, but would also be happy working with a multi-discipled design consultancy because of the experience and knowledge I would gain.

Thank you in advance for feedback and insight. I look forward to the positive and constructive criticism.

***Due to receiving much traffic but little input I decided to remove my portfolio link. Did not get much insight but a lot of “Lookie Loues”. If you are serious about helping me, please PM me, tired of people just checking out my portfolio possibly for their own gain.

Hi dc,

A few comments from when I had a peek:

  • You probably have too many projects. I definitely didn’t check all of them. It might be better to cut away a few to leave your top ones.
  • I quite liked your luxury shoe project, it’s clear and has some strong renders. I also liked how it had a bit of text in case you wanted to know more detail, but didn’t force you to read it. I find the advert at the end a bit weak though.
  • Several projects seemed empty at first, problem with loading them maybe? I’m on safari…
  • Some projects seemed to depend on you reading a lot of text. (watermark project, ice crusher…) I’d suggest making them more visual so they are easier to get at a glance.
  • It’s clear you enjoy web design, but at the moment you seem to use fancy techniques like parallax scrolling more for the sake of the technique than the benefit of showing off your skills. If you want to keep it, I’d do so for the intro slide (which looks really nice), and then stay away from it. I find it distracting at least.
  • You have quite a few sections to your site - welcome, portfolio, quote page, about me, resume, skills, another quote page, twitter feed, contact, quote page… I feel it’s too much. I’d probably keep it to: welcome, portfolio, quote page, about me, resume, skills, contact.

All in all you have a good portfolio there though, best of luck with your job hunt.


Thank you Nik for your insight, I appreciate your opinion and your time to look at it. You make some good points, and reassured me of some things I was debating.