ID Portfolio likes long walks on the beach

Hi guys,

I’m a sophomore ID student at Carnegie Mellon. Just recently completed my web portfolio after months of “well that doesn’t look good”, “this slideshow doesn’t work”, and “WOAH CSS3!”

Anyway, I’m looking for some feedback so I can make this portfolio communicate as best as it can. I like, and probably will maintain, the overall navigation system. However, I see where I can improve in areas such as adding more process, captions, and maybe categories.

I appreciate any feedback you guys can give!

Great website. Straight forward, easy interaction, nicely presented. You have a lot of projects there, I would categorize them somehow. Product, web, graphics etc… Great sketching skills, didn’t have time to reflect on the quality of ideas thou.

Bonus points for humor. I usually don’t even view portfolio threads, but this headline was too hilarious not to.

The typeface you’ve chosen has a very odd ampersand, and it’s all I see when I look at your page. It’s almost as if that character doesn’t render the same way as the other text. Maybe you want to substitute a character or use + instead of &. Just a thought.

Great clean layout. I do like the ampersand it has a good amount of character, but it is a tad bit large.

Awesome photographs. Sketches looks nice. The projects lack a bit of process, but I’m assuming that’s left for your physical portfolio.

The sites even coded cleanly, and I a sucker for clean code.

It is nice work, no doubt about that and you should be happy about where your portfolio is today.

I think though that there is just maybe a little bit too much of a good thing here and you portfolio would benefit from editing.
The great advantage of having a ton of work is that you can pick and choose the strongest ones. It feels as if certain form studies are just that, form studies and they don’t really go anywhere else. I am not sure that you need both the knife and the dibble.
Also I would maybe consider taking out the cardboard stool and the IKEA instruction vid. They seems a little boring compared to all your other strong work.

Same goes for your graphic work, very strong but maybe you could combine some of them.
Right now, you have a whooping 23 different projects listed.

You are in a good position!

Good luck.

Thanks guys for your prompt responses!

engio & bepster: Yes I would agree with both of you. I’m definitely going to cut down on the number of projects I have (a lot of which are from freshman year). It’s funny how until now, I didn’t see them as displaying my individual skill sets, but rather as a confirmation that I had been working on something. Cutting down projects may also determine whether or not I even need to add categories.

NURB & Sain: The website is in Futura and the ampersand is Adobe Garamond Italic. I think the ampersand is beautiful and I wanted to show it off a bit. I ended up reducing its size from 1.8em to 1.4em so that it wouldn’t be too over-bearing, so hopefully that integrates better :slight_smile:

Again thanks, and keep the feedback coming!

I’m as big a fan of Garamond as the next guy, but paired with Futura in this instance it seems a bit out of place. If I zoom way in on the page (using Firefox) it looks a little better, but it seems that the weight compared to Futura is too thin.

I think your site is great. Looks great and is so easy to navigate.

I spent the longest time a couple of weeks ago trying to figure out how to have a drop down menu and never figured out how. Some fancy javascript, right?

Also, the layout reminds me a lot of Konstantin Grcic’s site:

Drop down menus are nice, it gives it a sweet flow.

mipe19, I would recommend looking at for some help if javascript and css is not super familiar to you. It helped me a great deal getting started. It is just a frame work so if you want a custom job, you have to dig into the code anyway.

This portfolio has just given me one of those ‘kick up the ass’ moments as an ID student. Good stuff.

Thanks bepster, I got the menus up and running on my own site. It was just a simple copy and paste with a little tweaking.

Linda, this feels like a lot more advanced work than a sophomore. Very impressive. Good process, thoughtful solutions.

The site itself is a little quirky, but once I got accustomed to moving through the projects, I started to like it. When I first brought the page up, seeing so many projects was a bit intimidating. Maybe you could group them into categories that open the same way?


When you click on a heading, maybe a bunch of projects slide down? This way the first impression could be less intimidating and a little simpler.