ID Portfolio in progress, I really appreciate any feedback.

Hello All,

I am currently starting my third year at UC. On my second co-op currently at Fisher-Price. I am updating my portfolio and I really appreciate good critique. Thanks a lot for your time.

I had to use scribd, and it’s pdf converter changes some gradations and colors. But the idea is there.

Thanks again,


Nicely put together folio Luke! Your footwear stuff is really strong. A few really small things i’d watch out for…

The order of your folio. Because the footware stuff it so strong… maybe start and finish it with the footwear?

(although some nice stuff) I’m not too keen on ending on snap shot visuals.
I’d knock it out and save them for when your folio when finished. It may make it more punchy.

Good job,

Hey Paul thanks a lot! And thank you for the feedback. I was contemplating the order actually. I agree with your comment. My thought originally was to group the footwear together and when I did that it made since to put it in the middle. I will play around with the order some more and see what works best.

About the ending snap shots. Im not quite understanding? Could you explain that again? I have had the comment about making my portfolio a little more punchy so I am interested in what you have to say.

Hey thanks again paul,


Hi Luke,

Sorry i wasn’t so clear…
To me the end ‘snapshot’ images don’t. Taking them out could make your folio more punchy and to the point. You could beef some of the visuals out, with research finds and working sketches and prototypes and include them in you folio as a ‘full project’.

Hey Paul,

Thanks a lot for getting back to me. Ill try out your suggestion and see how it looks. I am working on many of them currently and hopefully soon I will be able to expand them into full projects.

Thanks again, if you have any other critiques I would love to here them.


Hi Luke.

Excellent work indeed. I agree with other posts here, in that your footwear design is quite strong, but perhaps it might be a good idea to rearrange things a bit?

Overall, great folio.

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Hey Luke

Overall I really like your portfolio. Like everyone else I think your footwear work is pretty strong. I wish that the Vans concept had a bit more a unique twist on it, I think the final outcome is super clean, but as a portfolio piece I wish it had a bit more style and flair like the Abington concept.

The sketch page for the OXO project is really strong, I think I would go back to the dental tool sketch page and back sketch a bit to bring up the quality to match the OXO project.

Overall a great start. Good luck with the co-op hunt!

I agree with the last post, the dental tool page has more sketches of hands (by page area anyway) than of the tool itself. Should be the other way around, not that your hand sketches are bad, they are quite nice.

I have problems with the TT bike sketch, both as a viable and interesting aero machine and with the description. At least use the right terminology (down tube, not ‘bar’).

Very good student portfolio though.

Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback Choto and slippysih, I definitely agree with you about the sketches. I have already gone back and started reworking the dental tool sketch pages.
So more to come for that. The bike sketch needs a bit of work yes, and I will correct and revise that statement. Thanks for correcting me.

Thanks again everyone!

Hi Luke

Some quick feedback

  1. Try to find a way to number and write text on top of an image. The text looks too big and distracting.
    Eg. the text on your pictures you are making the characters length by writing ‘three’ why not just ‘3’
  2. it would be good if u have a grid layout and follow it throughout your slides, its distracting on one side something is bleeding off to the edge while reading.
  3. it would be good if you could specify the amount of time you have spent on each project. hence the recruiter can judge your capacity and capability to work on projects.

Hey Jaineel,

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Text is not my strongest area and some criticism on that front is motivating to work on it. I do have a grid and follow it regularly. But I have noticed some pages not ‘belonging’. Where are the bleeds distracting you?
I like the idea of putting a time specification because there is a decent variation in the projects.

Thanks again Jaineel