ID portfolio, how do I make this thiing pop!?

I would appreciate your input on my porfolio. I realize I need more sketches and process work. I guess I’m just real picky on what I want to show. Constant work in progress, obviously.

Thanks in advance!

Definitely more sketches. But also a lot more variety if you’re trying to get out of the yacht business. Show your hand at other product categories, electronic, housewares, mechanical, etc… Also I would look at upgrading your rendering package to get more realism. More photoshop renderings would also be nice.

Good luck and keep at it. The portfolio should be constantly changing, it’s a living entity.

Thanks for the reply and critique.

Adding more sketches is one of those things I know but definetely needed to hear. I’m working on some extracurricular design contests to bulk up my work and make it more ID friendly. Plus it’s a blast to step away from the daily grind and work on something thats driven by my own creativity.

Thanks again!

To add to Skinny’s comment. Your sketches lack contrast to really bring them “pop” out of the sketch. Not sure if this is due to your scanner, but I would work with the levels a bit or go back and add some more variation in line thicknesses.

It’s all about hierarchy!

When compiling you sketches on a page, try to highlight your best sketches by…
Make them bigger,
Redraw for a more dynamic perspective,
Add value,
Add color,
Add vignette,

surf coroflot for some inspiration, and try to replicate it. Good luck!