ID portfolio feedback!

Hi everyone!

I recently finished my ID degree a few months back and decided to gather two of the projects I am most proud of. I will be soon posting more. I would really appreciate some of your valuable feedback. Just let me know what you think! :smiley:


Hi BrigitteBellina!

Overall: I think your layout looks good. It’s clean and easy to read. You need more projects. It’s hard to gauge your skills and interests on just two projects.

Menoo: Your sketches are out of perspective. I would suggest doing some overlays to get the perspective right. Your CADD models and renderings look great. For the last page, I would suggest moving the color selection off the last page to it’s own page, and ending on the in context shot. The last page is just a little cluttered.

Pok-ta-pok: This project looks really good, but you put so much character into the heads that the arms and legs are just plain. Maybe they could come in different colors so kids can mix-n-match?

Keep up the good work!