ID Portfolio Feedback

Hey everyone,

I am a recent college graduate, just about to complete my first professional industrial design internship at Quirky Inc, and I am in the process of applying for a new internship. The portfolio I have is the 3rd iteration of the portfolio I developed during my time at Virginia Tech. I was hoping for any feedback that might make it stronger in the competitive job arena as I search for a more traditional design firm with an internship opportunity. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your feedback!


Hey James,

Just a few things that I think would help.

  1. Resume in the portfolio is always good idea. Your never quite sure how your portfolio is going to get passed around and having your resume in it is always a good way to make sure people can contact you. Also much easier to understand where you’ve been and what you’ve done this way. Your internship at Quirky is valuable but I would never know based on your portfolio.

  2. Lot of Text. Your about me, just read the bold words, thats all I did and what most people will do. Try to make it more concise and to the point. You can always elaborate in person. You can always show your process book if people want more details.

  3. Show dont tell. I really have toread your cover pages to see what the project is about. Motivation Objective Developers. Thats whats bold, but thats not whats important. I read those titles first. I should be reading your problem statement first.
    This goes across all areas of text in your portfolio.

  4. Your projects all structured very similarly. 2 pages of research, 1 page of ideation (need to show way more), 1 page of refinement, and then a money shot/story board. You should try and blow out different sections of each project. Some projects benefit from showing more process. Other make better story boards. Figure out what the key things you want to show, or better yet the key things the company your working for wants to see and tailor your projects to showcase that.

  5. Small thing, Thank you page is always nice, lets me know im at the end. Also another good place to put contact info again.

  6. The biggest thing though. Is a lack of story/personality in your portfolio. You take a stab at it with your about me, but if flip through your portfolio I should get a better understanding of the type of designer you are. I dont really get that right now.

Few things you should think about when structuring making your portfolio. What type of designer am I, where do I want to work, what skills do I want to showcase, whats the voice/feeling I want my portfolio to have (quirky lifestyle, serious consumer electronic). Are you super into the front end (sketching, renderings) or the back end (production cad and artwork). These are things the company is trying to answer when they look at your work. Hit em over the head with it.

Hey Emmanuel,

Thanks for your response! These are all very valid criticisms, and I thank you for taking the time to look at my work. In terms of the ‘story/personality’ aspect, is there a portfolio that you could point me to which accomplishes this effectively?