ID Portfolio feedback and advice if you please!

I’ve been putting in a lot of work recently to improve all aspects of my portfolio, from sketching to rendering to new projects, etc. It would be great to get some honest critical advice on what areas still need improvement.


The flow speaker project is pretty great. Nice idea, well executed with a documented process. I’d like to see a little more on the Paintpod other than a page of sketches (which are nice BTW) and the final product. I didn’t read what it was for because that should be explained visually. The Flatliner LED light is pretty nice, but would like to see some of the other solutions explored… why is it called flatliner? That makes me think of a medical heart-rate monitor. The potato peeler is cute, very tongue-in-cheek. It would be more powerful as a series of kitchen products which could be accomplished with a single nice illustrator/photoshop render with a cheese razor, apple core-er and so on, and you don’t have a polished 2d render in your folio so that would be a nice add. Process on the forklift thing. Why does it look that way, show it in use, research, and so on…