ID organizations in South Florida?

Hi all, I’ve had a hard time finding any ID organizations or events in South Florida, I know I am not the only one down here!
Moved down here not too long ago, would love to get to know the local design community.

Miami would be a great city to have as a central meeting place for designers US- and EU-based. A lot of collaborations happen in LA because of the studios, technology and labs available there, so that means a lot of travel time compared to the East coast. As far as I know there are only some small design agencies, otherwise it’s mostly production. See if you can find fablabs, those are good places to mingle and organize.

Thanks for the suggestion, I tried to look up fablab spots and the closest one is in Orlando area :cry:
As for the central meeting place I would love that obviously, but wouldn’t it make more sense in New York?
I’m just assuming because the design community there is bigger.
However there are some really interesting startups down here like Magic Leap, VSN Mobil, etc.

Oh, and there is obviously a large South American or Latin influence here, maybe it would be a nice bridge for us to collab with those designers…

NY/Boston is great too, with a lot of research and innovation happening.
I am just thinking that Miami can be more like California - a vibrant breeding ground for new ideas and private investors taking startups to the next level, and creating new markets, before being taken up by large corporations/media/government.
I am also hoping that this will happen more and more in Dubai/Doha/Hong Kong.