ID online at the Academy of Art University

Does anyone have any experience of studying ID online here?

Is this the same school?

I study ID on campus at AAU. If you study ID on campus it’s a pretty decent school however I wouldn’t say the same for the online program. It costs just as much to study online and the program isn’t as good. Right now my friend is enrolled in Product Design 4 online and there are only 2 students in the class… including him.

I would agree with above post. I study on campus and it was a very good experience. I got a good education that helped me go out and get the job I wanted in ID. For the online program I would honestly not waste your time. You will have more success on campus for ID. If you are going to spend money for an ID degree just find one that works for you as an on campus program.

i saw on the financial aid site that the schools graduation rate is only 33%. anyone know what it is specifically for id and the online program

Bryce, I don’t know the numbers for sure. For the on campus program I’d say it is probably a little less than 33% for Product Design. For Transportation Design it is definitely much lower than 33%. It’s not because of the program. It’s because the school has an open enrollment and most of the students find out that Industrial Design is not for them. I think it is more encouraging to have a class that’s a third the size and filled with serious students.

thanks for the reply, but now i believe i will be going to saic in chicago