ID Masters in USA - The best 8 List please

Hello All,

I have just completed my undergrad in ID from India and am sending out application for masters program in ID in USA soon.

Heres a list of colleges that i narrowed down to (in order of priority),
Please help me by giving your outlooks on the Schools you know OR if should be eliminating or adding any School :

1.California College of Arts
2.Art Center College of Design
3.San Francisco State Uni, College of Creative Arts
4.Rhode Island School of Design
5.Cranbrook Academy of Art
6.Parsons the New school of Design
7.University of Cincinnati-DAAP
8. Arizona State Uni-Herberger Institute
9. Ohio State University-College of the Arts and Humanities
10.Carnegie Melon University
11.Pratt Institute
12.Uni of Illinois - School of Art and Design

P.S. My interests in Design are quite versatile. And hence would like to enroll for any program such as Product Development/ Design Strategy/ MFA Design/ Interaction or Form-based Industrial design. And my main priority is to enroll for a program where I can get maximum and quality learning in both skills and ideation aspects of Design.

Well that’s pretty vague.

What in the world do you mean by “best”? And what are you looking for in a design school? This is like listing the top 10 ten universities according to BusinessWeek and asking “which one should I go to”?

Thankyou Linda for your quick reply…

Well in that case, could you suggest any moderate schools as ‘safe’ options. I agree ‘best’ is a subjective idea, but I am really looking for schools that are worth the money spent. Also I am not looking for a famous-school just for the namesake, instead would like a school where I have the maximum potential to be productive and be well-trained for the professional world.

I just graduated and havent got a lot of time left to research, so please help…

welcome to core, and congratulations on your graduation
if you’ve read up on the advice given to students here, we like to recommend a year or two of work experience to help you define your Master’s direction and it makes you look more serious to admissions committees who are often flooded with unemployed undergraduates.
what school you go to may depend on whether you want to become a teacher or a manager or get into one of the sub-specialties of the profession.
Could you tell us why you want a Masters degree and how you want to apply it?

Thank you!
One of my reasons to apply for Masters is that over the four years of graduation i have just come to realize the depths of this field and there is a lot I could achieve under the right environment. I am yet to discover and master my strength/strengths amongst the various Design-processes. I am open to job experience if I do not get accepted in a decent program. In fact, there are a lot of good openings available here in India and I shall be working until the Fall 2011 if I do get accepted.

Thank you so much for taking interest and asking me particularly why i would want to do a masters , this has really helped me re-affirm my thoughts upon it.

My long term goal after Masters and after some substantial job-experience, is to establish my own Studio as a freelancer and that is the reason why I would like to acquire a Masters so that I am well prepared for the professional world. Furthermore, I feel that currently as an Industrial Designer I am yet to learn the art of presenting ideas/concepts so that the client is more than convinced by it.