…i admit that it has been a while since i looked at this rag, so you will understand my surprise when i picked up the design review issue and my jaw beat the mag to the floor…35 freaking dollars!!!..never going to do that ever again.

I think the annual review costs extra…

It’s the annual design review. Which, if purchased on the news stand, costs about as much as a full year subscription.

So I just get the subscription.

It’s cost that much since as long as I can remember. ID has been on the upswing, though-- so I think a subscription has become worth it again.

I just renewed my subscription this month. Since I have been an ongoing customer for some time now they offered me two years for $30.00. Can’t beat that.

yeah, i’d go with the subscription, since it’s about the same as the july/august issue.

BUT…if you are low on funds, you can do this:

go to, and click on the offer for two free issues of ID. sign up, and you’ll get the $35 july/aug issue as one of your issues, with the next one after that. then cancel your subscription when you get the second free issue. just write “cancel” on the bill.

there, you just got the super pricey design review issue for free! :smiley: