ID Magazine out of biz? Anyone?

Obviously the website isn’t working and the link to subscribe says it’s going out of print and isn’t sure if it will be back?!!

Can anyone verify this? Haven’t had a subscription for a while, and now that I want to renew…wasn’t sure if there was a flier or something in the last edition mentioning this?
Hopefully they are just revamping or something…

You are more than a year late on the news. They are gone.


yeah, that’s a bit late. well, thanks for verifying. guess I have been using the internet more like everyone else…

Ya, It’s actually all your fault they went out of business :wink:


Shows you how little people miss it. :frowning:

I miss it. If only it could have hung on until the ipad arrived.
But in reality, there are lots of free design blogs (like core77) that an expensive subscription was not worth it.

Would love to see FastCo Design turned into a magazine.
Besides Core :slight_smile: that is a must read for me…

Call me crazy but fastco is a magazine.

Yeah, FastCo has been a magazine since at least 1999. I am starting to wonder if some people ever leave their screens and join the actual world.

Fastco is a magazine, however Fastco Design is a separate segment online that focuses only on design and innovation. It is nice to get all the relevant info without having to hear about how some new social networking site is going to change the face of business (like the magazine does every month).

I was blasted the other day by a group of engineers and a vp of sales because i was not up to date on the Best E book technology… As a ID guy and a computer geek they mocked me for not knowing. I explained that I love to read and that i enjoyed the experience a hardcover offers. Smell, Feel, turning a page, all the things a electronic device can’t offer. On top of that I spend 10 hours a day in front of some type of electronic screen, and a book allows me to eave that behind.

In the end they just said you ID people are strange. and i bite my tongue.

hearing that from a bunch of nerds (engineers) must feel very self assuring.


I just graduated, and I was about to subscribe, now that I have a little more cash freed up for a luxury like PRINTED design news.

Anyone have any ideas for good replacements?

Best design resources for getting a good broad picture IMO -

Fast Company
Bloomberg Business Week

Business Week and Fast Company both have excellent design blogs as well.

I hope they turn into a magazine.