ID mag design review

me talk like fortune cookie. short. bursts. of words. just like. mr. costanza. didn’t get past. third post. if you want any info. use search fnction. bitter. i am.

Her nasty photos of her on her website would turn me off if I was a client, oh wait they probably don’t have any clients.


dont get ID mag anymore. dont pay attention to awards anymore. didn’t even get past the third post in this thread. but i did notice not one person put their RL name to their comments. worse still. not even a fake forum registration name.


My point exactly.

But I am also in no way inpressed with her designs.

the hypocrisy comes so easily…

what hypocrisy would that be?

I think he meant:
literally speaking, if your ass didn’t “go past” the third post, you would not have realized no one had posted with registered names or fake ones.

Then again, hypocrisy is the wrong word to describe that. In that case, then that’s just my own observation. I stand alone.

Legitamite post:

Anyone remember when a metal ring you can buy at a hardware store won the OVERALL student design award? The one that was a kleenex tissue weight… Remember all the letters to the mag in the next issue?

I think we should all send over an email to ID mag, telling them to stop the insanity. A CRABCAKE CRUTON SCISSOR WON BEST IN CATERGORY OF 2005 CONSMER PRODUCTS!!! YES, IT LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING CLAW.

WHO ARE THESE LUNATIC JUDGES??? power hungry morons who cant PERFORM when given power?

This is INSANE.

YKH is right about ID magazine. I’m NOT RENEWING MY SUBSCRIPTION.

ID MAGAZINE became those magazines that you get so a stack of them act as props in a “designy” office, while having nothing intelligent in its content and purpose.

Thank you.

Don’t agree?

Think of ALL the GREAT master designers of our time out there in the WORLD, whether or not they are at well-known famous firms or not, doing excellent, wonderful works of design… boym and co. chose a claw scissor…

nuff’ said.

(I would resort to teaching as well. Talk hours on a soapbox about personal design philosophies to bushy eyed naive youngins while having no great designs to back it up)

dont have to read the posts to see they’re anonymous entries.

Boym Partners in the news…

That is VERY interesting…

Can anyone with the smarts, knowledge, and resources gumshoe around and get to the bottom of this?

What are their connection to ID mag? Are they blackmailing the design community? Are there $$$ involved in any wasy under tables?

NO f’in way they can design. And if the world and design community thinks their work is anything to revere, then we must all change careers.




What makes her qualified to critique others work. She is probably so bitter from her lack of quality of design jobs that she will take it out on those who actually get some real work. I don’t think that she has the knowledge base to evaluate consumer products other than her moody opinions of what she likes.

If you would take your eyes off her clevage and read her bio you would know what qualifies her to critique work…

She has an Masters in ID

She worked at Smart Design

She was the Designer in Residence at Cooper Hewitt where she had a SOLO show.

She co-founded the Association of Women Industrial Designers (AWID)

She curated some design shows

She has been a teacher of product design at Parsons School of Design for 10 years!!!

I’d say she is more qualified than most judges on design panels.

its a great resume that highlights the schizophrenic nature of ID. On one side you have the aforementioned Boym; on the other side you have the aforemetioned Ancona. Who is eminently more qualified, well that depends on whom you ask. But if we base it on actual designs produced and used as opposed to critiqued and displayed; Anacona is more qualified, hands down.

The Design Review has always been a subjective excercise in retorical felltio; it never really been a “review” in asmuch as it has been a beauty pagent for the judge’s egos and opinions, especially within the consumer product category.

BTW the whole layout just looked terrible. Jumbled, incoherent and thrown together.

galvanized box notepad table.

Newsweek, Business Week and Fast Company did better jobs covering design this year. Guess that’s the difference between reporting and judging.

Out. Of. Touch.

She was a freelancer at Smart Design, sanded down handle models out of foam. Model shop grunt work.

Her solo show at the Cooper Hewitt exhibited her theme of kitchen appliances all designed around the theme of The Wizard of Oz. That’s right, Wizard of Oz.

AWID, If she created that organization to surround herself with mediocre talent with the shared theme that they are all women, she did a great job.

Her instructional lectures at Parsons actually sounds like many of her quotes in ID mag. Heavy on the crazy, light on the content.

that’s awesome.
any comment on her granny cleavage she displays in EVERY picture?

there’s an interesting critique of i.d. up on design observer right now –

that’s awesome

ID mag should be boycotted for a few years. I recently tossed out the re-new post card. and felt good about it.

You knuckleheads wouldn’t see it if it hit you in the face … this was all a cheap publicity stunt for ID. All advertising is good advertising, you should know this much. Their subscriber base had been dwindling for years, at least since the time last century they REALLY were about product design and had some spine.

Anything to brew some controversy in their target market and scream they are different. Yeah, different they are now alright.

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