ID mag design review

I JUST recieved the ID mag design review issue…

Take a look at the judges profiles… can you get anymore stereotypically queer designer?

black turtle necks and thick frame glasses must have been mandatory.

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It talks about how they got over 200 consumer product entries, “they showed unanimous disdain for anything that looked (or tried to act) too flashy or futuristic” YaLL so cool.

About one product, Laurene Boym barked, “It’s sexy in that way we don’t want to give awards to.”

Is Laurene Boym kidding? Who ARE these judges? God I hate wannabe hipster design types. God I more hate nobodies put into position of critiquing and judging and getting a big head.

Nice profile picture Laurene. You look SO sexy in a way that we can’t take you seriously. Nice no clevage. Don’t try too hard, like those products that tried to hard to be something they’re not.


Whos Lauren Boym?
Was she in charge of the consumer products judging?

the photography of the Consumer Products was hideous and arbitrary in its attempt to create an archive and reflection of the selection process.

It was nice intellectual excercise to rearrange the “pile” of
projects to place the focused projects up front for each photo. But the overall look was just terrible and arbitrary.

It reinforced the fact the the design review more of an intellectual excercise in criticism and discourse than an actual review of of successful product design.

No wonder ID is seen as a creative commodity akin to decorating, we don’t even take our own process seriously enough to think it through to the final product’s presentation.

I think its safe to say that this was the first “review” where the other categories out shined the MAIN CONSUMER PRODUCTS category. I remember when you go through the cool and striking consumer products, read all about it, then you skim and breeze through the rest of the other fluff categories… this issue was the complete opposite.

Not only were the photography hideous, but the judges’ comments were grotesque and superficial. NO design was actually critiqued professionally, but it seemed like eavesdropped blurbs said by museum patrons were jotted down.

“elegantly designed”…“really sweet”…“im buying two”… “where’s the restroom?”…

This year’s judges had no right in being appointed judges for this main category.

A crab cracker won overall in the ANNUAL 2005 DESIGN REVIEW of ALL CONSUMER PRODUCTS OF 2005.

Please reread that again and blink blankly at that for a moment.

Shitty effort overall.

(It looks like the archery bow won in every page!)

Now that you all mention it… laura boyd does sound like a ditz… I keep reading her quotes and laughing. lol

“…and all that metal”

That guy Weeks seems to the only sane judge with a good eye. (and he’s the one without the ID background! haha)

Granted, you can’t generalize over short sentence quotes… but the other two seem to add nothing but spectator comments.

“see that jack?”
-L Boym

Yes, she does seem annoying. She contradicts herself at every turn.

She makes a jackass statement on the first page about how she doesn’t want to give awards to “sexy” designs that are flashy and futuristic… later, when asked about why she chose the porcelain crap piggybank, she says “because its cute, and we like money.” Yes, DEFINITE 2005 product design of the year.

She needs to go back to freshman year of design school. better yet, high school.


I have a feeling you guys will LOVE this…

Look at her designs LOL

They’re missing a starbucks coffee cup.

I don’t “get” their culture and meaning of their firm… is it fake green design?

It seems like they have a theme of using everyday trash like cans and pvc pipes, but then it’s not really sustainable in meaning and purpose. I guess its just a case of ideas running dry and just looking into reusing any object around them.

She seems to have an elistist mentality of taking the simple and minimalist route against the popular and sexy/futuristic design trends of today… yet a lot of her designs are not much more than using the current “trendy” translucent look of iMac-ish polypropelene. nothing more in meat of the designs.

2 cents.

The EQUIPMENT category is AWESOME.

(though the picture layout and theme is still horrendous… it shows all the products in every picture. Its understood they are showing different angles and views of the product, but this means you have to flip back and forth 5 times when learning about one product)

That lady is a fool. She is a perfect example of how not to be.

She has a slutty cleavage (or lack thereof) shot in the ID profile, then she has another one on her website! She thinks she’s hot or 20 something…

Instead of preaching about designs trying to be something they are not, YOU stop trying to be something you are not, give it a rest, you have a 7 year old child. Button up for God’s sake.

Someone kill me if I scrounge around the trash to get ideas for “hip” designs. thanx,

Now where did i put that 4" PVC pipe soup bowl…

what do you mean? I can’t wait to get my shitty galvanized sheet metal table complete with notepad. Once I’m done writing notes and ripping holes in the floor, I can step on it and crush it like a soda can… then we can call it deconstructivist…

“Once the paper runs out, the table is suited for other uses…”

A table wouldn’t be one of them, would it?


“People are really into this idea of feature creep, they want things to do more than they should because they feel like the consumer is getting duped if the object does only what it needs to do” - BOYM

You mean like a junkyard galvanized table that has a hot glued pad of yellow note pad on the top???

How about a wool rug with mirror, LED lights, recharger and a ass wiper all in one??

Talk about contradicting. This is what happens when you put idiots in places of power. They run their mouth and philosophies that makes no sense. (happens a lot for people who teach design and art)

Walking cloud of discombobulation, this lady is.

Isn’t this the same lady who designed a yarn-shag carpet rug of a chrocheted naked woman… complete with nipples and 3-d bush?

Artist’s edition watch introduces small domestic icons for numbers, each illuminated under a miniature lense. There are two eggs, a four-hole button, a six-pack, and so on.

simple and brilliant

overall collection of her product designs: simple, not brilliant, not even mediocre.

Take away the plastic, then they all look like lower classmen studio projects.