I'd love to hear anybody tell me why they like design

That is a quote from thetemp2010, from the discussion “am I the crazy one?”

It is what I have been asking myself quite a bit. Why am I doing this? Because I don’t know anymore. The past 2 years have changed my view.

I certainly love beautifuly designed, well thought out items, carefully worded presentations that involve the audience, new ways to see things, new experiences that lead to new discoveries, looking at art, furniture, machines, buildings and people.

I created a long self discussion on why as an answer, but only realize I am not doing what I would really like to do.

Doing this allows me to to create the things that I would like to create as my real job.

I like design because-

Design allows my imagination to become reality, when reality is not what I want it to be.

Discovery. I am continually learning. Professionally, that makes me a happy camper.

Because I love creating something that hasn’t yet been, but could be…

yep, creating… and drawing, sketching, noodling around on computers, figuring stuff out, feeling of accomplishment.

I feel like I have always been destined to do what I do… from constantly drawing as kid, drooling over my dads illustrated “World of the Worlds” album cover, building all manner of things in lego and just a general interest in how things work. I pity people who are in jobs they dislike… I would do what I do for free if I could afford it (well, maybe not retail, but certainly 3D design related).

I like solving problems. Design is the act of constant discovery of problems. Finding an elegant solution to that and giving birth to something real is quite satisfying.

I like solving problems, especially ones that are really significant and help people. I also like to draw and create forms. I also like to take things from concept to reality. The feeling of producing something is awesome.

I also like design because you can make money off of it, yet it’s not an 8-5 job. You constantly live design. The way you see the world changes.

You have to be talking about Jeff Wayne’s musical version correct?! The album art in the accompanying insert was awesome. I leafed through that hundreds of times as a kid. Hmmm maybe this is what set me on the road to ID too.

design61, you may just have the longest time in grade, and lowest post count of the entire C77 gang. :wink:

What, if it isn’t too personal, happened in the past two years?

Still sends shivers down my spin when I see that.
My favourite was of the underground world with the huge glowing bulb in the middle.

Sorry to hijack the thread!

Well, I was trying to keep it to one a year, but I seem to be a motor mouth lately. I do have to say I have been here all through the years, I really enjoy the site and others progress/conversations.

2 years- I lost my job of 5 years, started out well then became terrible management, micromanagement (example, my director told me how to form my letters when writing, taking notes, or doodling, and would not accept anything not written as such) , constant emotional abuse and public ridicule by the director ( given to all in the department), whom I dealt with everyday, became a real chore to just go there, I could find no job so I could get out. I did learn how to manage difficult conversations, and that is about it, my skills suffered badly. Looking back and judging is easy, but I really hurt my career. We made a family choice to stay where we are, severly limiting my job search, incredibly I have a job only an hour from my home, which pays less than my first job out of school in 98, but I can keep my house, which I was very close to losing. I just don’t do what I like to do and am now 7 years behind where I feel I should be. Of course that is a short version, there are many other aspects and it could be worse. I could still be working at that old job.

That is not a very good situation. Hopefully things will become brighter as it goes.

For me, I like design because of the beautiful form, the clever ideas, the human interaction of things, the feel of making things other people use, the challenge to make things better, the different life style, the knowledge of knowing something above average, the creative people in the industrial…etc.

However, I got the most motivation from people who also love design. Their conversation drives you to make things better because it feels like someone still cares about it.

PM’d you design61.

I design because of the relevance it has on people’s lives.
Everything we use daily, from a toothbrush to a toaster, cars, door handles, tables, shoes and cups have all had previous thought by a designer. The best are objects people don’t even realize have been designed. Design is so board and subjective there is an element of freedom and exploration.
I also design because I like to create (like most people). I like beautiful things and how hard it is define what a ‘beautiful thing’ is.

To me design of physical feels like a multi-dimensional puzzle of materials and solutions and arrangements and attractive shapes. It is a rewarding challenge to try and fit the pieces together in a way that others find useful, helpful, an addition to their lives.

There is no perfect solution, just an evolving approach and exploration.

I like looking for inspiration, find what goes well with the subject, and then the search and definition for the right shape.

Sorry to hear things are not going well Design61 but i would say the designer community at least tends to respect chips of the old block. Also, plenty of younger guys are looking for/in need of mentors, a roll which you might well fill and would get your enthusiasm up as well!

Why do I love design??? Design is part of me. It has shaped me into who I am and is a large part of my life. It is not just a job, but rather a lifestyle I live. I think this is when you truly start to understand your career as a designer is when you stop letting it become a career. Let it be a passion and let it take you where it is going to take you. If it does not feel right move to where it does. Don’t treat it as something you can turn on and off. Think of it as you get to act out your lifestyle and a share it with others for a living. I remember when I first got hired I kept feeling like I was doing something wrong, because everything that my boss wanted me to do came so easy, (this was before I started really pushing my limits) and everything I did marketing and him loved. To me they were simple projects, but to them it was magic on paper. I love getting people jazzed over the smallest things, and turning complex problems in to simple solutions.

designing is creativity of your mind , and creativity comes with discovery.
it gives reality to your thoughts and you can share your imaginations ,ideas and discoveries with others.