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At the end of the month my current employer will relocate their design department overseas. While I am very satisfied with my career so far this relocation will cause me to enter the the job market for the first time in 10 years.

I have 8 years of professional experience that began in store fixture design. There, I designed high-end retail furniture for clients such as Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, and Nautica. While the client list was impressive, I felt that my abilities could be expressed better if given the chance to work with materials other than wood. So that summer I returned to Auburn University to further my education in design for a career in consumer products.

In 2002, I graduated and received the School of Architecture’s graduate student of the year award which highlighted design skills that would later use as the basis for my teaching. For the next 3 years, I was part of Auburn’s ID program teaching various junior/senior level studios and lecture classes. This experience improved my organization and communication among designers while maintaining my design skills with freelance work.

Currently I work in Brookfield, CT for Uni-Splendor, the manufacturing division of Uni-President. This Taiwan-based corporation is an OEM supplier of kitchen and outdoor appliances for major brands such as Mr. Coffee, Kitchen-Aid, Weber, and Hamilton Beach.

As the lead designer for Uni-Splendor USA my position is defined by:

  • Act as the correspondent between our design staff and Taiwan
  • Gathering and documenting all the design research for each project
  • Conceptualizing product solutions for our current customers
  • Create innovative solutions to recruit new business opportunities

Our Connecticut office is made up of a sales team and two junior-level designers, the majority of our designers are located in Taiwan, where we have all of our engineering and research/development. So while there is growth for my career with my current company, it would require a relocation that I am not considering

If you have any advice or insight please review my resume and portfolio online at Kevin Cowart, Industrial Designer in Madison, CT

I am open to relocate anywhere in the nation and look forward to your feedback.



in these times - keep your options open, including freelancing, more teaching, and taking the job offer in Taiwan!

I would agree with taking the job offer in Taiwan. Even for 1~2 years, you’re going to learn so much that will raise your value in the long term.

Nice stuff, I like that Bunn Signature series product.

It is a tough time to be entering the job market. Taiwan is totally out?

I can totally understand not wanting to work abroad… There are lots of good reasons not to do it, especially with a spouse with a career or kids.

If you can swing it though, it would be an awesome opportunity to try out a different culture and set yourself apart from other designers. a lot of people would jump at the chance

Taiwan is just not the right place for me.

I have visited several times and just feel that with confidence in my skills would allow the best transition to be here in America. Added to this. my philosophy on design is greatly contrasted by design from Taiwan and does not inspire me to do much other than redesign.

I lived in Taiwan for 2 months With Tin Man Lau’s study Abroad program and loved the country. I can understand your position for not wanting to live there, though it depends on the city. Taipei is much easier to get around than a place like Kiaoshung.

Is your company wanting an American Designer to go to Taiwan?