ID LONDON: who, what, where

hey folks, im taking a trip to london from august 10-15.can anyone recommend some places to see, local designers, exhibits, studios?? a cool/cheap place to stay?

open for any suggestions, ill be coming with a friend of mine too who is a graphic designer


Visit the design museum at Butlers Wharf
Magma books in Covent Garden.

There’s a couple to start you off…

The V&A is a must far better than the Design musuem anyday. I also think the Science Museum if pretty neat thing to go to. ITs a shame your not going in septermber as its the London design week.

You could still go vist all the designer furniture shops…purves and purves, heals…etc. Then there is Tate modern even just for its bookshop and all the fab architecture dotted around the place.

If you were really keen you go for a meal in the “Chair” restaurant (…basicly high fashion furniture shop meets fancy restaurant…although it looks like it gets mixed reviews:

i’d also check out the ica, to see if there are any events / talks when you travel.

have a look over towards shoreditch and bricklane for designer makers stuff.

have a great trip - let us know how you get on.


Agreed on the V&A and Tate Modern. Oxo Tower (short walk from the Tate) had some cool designer / maker shops a few years ago, I assume that is still the case.