I'd like to get feedback on my fashion portfolio, thank you.



My initial thoughts:

Good stuff:

  1. nice sketches
  2. wide variety of style (evening wear-to-trendy club fashion)

Opportunities for improvement:

  1. Provide more information about the presented concepts
  2. Communicate understanding of design process.

Elements you need to show:

  1. Color selection - very important to communicate in fashion sketches
  2. Photos? It would be nice to see actual pieces on models.

    Overall opinion:
    Your portfolio shows nice sketches, important to prove that you have a solid foundation. But, there are no finished ideas. More important, I have no idea about your style or process.

I have a good feeling that you have a lot of talent, but this portfolio does not present your abilities well.

Hope this helps! Good luck :smiley:

…like dmd, you got my interest but i want to know a little more and see at least one garment development from sketch to runway…good luck in big d!

Thank you all for your advises. I’m still working on resume and portfolio, I will update soon :slight_smile: