ID jobs in Washington DC Area

Hello all. I am about to graduate with a BFA in Designed Objects (I.D.) from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and am looking for possible Product Design jobs in the Washington DC area. So far I haven’t even found any firms that I could apply to. I’d be happy to look at NGOs and Gov type jobs as well as consulting, but am not sure where to start. Does any one have any advice? Thanks.

I haven’t seen too many in that area. I thought about it too since I was born and raised around there thinking about moving back but there aren’t any real ID firms that I know of. There are some companies like Black and Decker, Under Armour, etc…that are in MD. But for design firms, I don’t know of any. It might be worth looking into other corporations in the area.

If you’re willing to go off on a slight tangent, there are TONS of exhibit design firms out here. I’m in DC myself and work in that field… times are a bit dicey, but there are plenty of opportunities.

That’s an interesting idea actually. I’d imagine that would be a blend of ID, Interior Arch, and Graphic. Do you have an suggestions on places to start?

There is a lot more in Baltimore: