ID jobs in Japan?!

i’ve been to Japan a few times and the more i go, the more i wanna live there. I’d rather find some work in the ID field than to go and teach english just so that I can live there, but I have no idea about the design scene there or how to go about it. I’ve been told by some people that there is a big design scene in Aoyama, Tokyo, of American and European designers who are living in small design communities where they share living and working space and do work for japanese companies. I’ve also heard that this is very illegal. Is there anyone out there who is/has worked in Japan and can help me with any advice?

your designs will not be needed in comparison to their natural aesthetics of quirky yet minimalist natural japanese design that is inborn in every japanese…

Great response to an arrogant poster who thinks he can do whatever he wants.

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sounds like an interesting thing to do, the japanese can use some help with their design which might be beautiful but still are really conservative.

I’ve got no experience there but have some in other countries and new cities: the best thing to do is just get there. give yourself a couple of weeks to get things sorted. if it doesn’t work out you’ve had a holiday

ask the same question to this guy

he seems like he has it wired there

Enjoy the ramen!