ID Jobs in Connecticut?

Does anyone know how the job market/ID field is out in Connecticut? Considering moving out there around summer time and I don’t know of any ID jobs or places that hire Industrial Designers. Any knowledge/ input would be helpful. thanks!

Limited is probably the best answer, unless you are willing to commute into NYC.

A quick glance on Coroflot and Linked in shows a small handful of jobs around the area, and CT is a fairly big place, so it will depend on where you end up living.

I used to live and work in CT. Design wise there are a lot of small studios that tend to do a lot of work with clients in New York and Boston. I used to work at Evo Design, great place.

Use the core77 design firm locator to find others.

Also, a few companies with design offices in CT:
Uni lever

Hasbro and Samsonite are nearby in Rhode Island.

LEGO! Do they do any design at the Enfield HQ?

I’ve heard of these guys before too - established firm -

Thanks for all your input guys! This gives me a good start to my search. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

They do POS/Graphic/Marketing design in Connecticut mainly for the NA market, but all product/set design is done in Denmark.

Here’s a link to a search for ID firms in CT from

Great to see that Group 4 is still around. I thought they were gone for some reason but I must have been mistaken.