ID Jobs for College Graduates

The ID graduate program of some colleges focus more on real things( technology, form…);
others on abstract things( Design research, Design management…)
I wonder which kind of program lead to a better job in the US?

RIT and UIC now are my choices. I was an international students and want to work in the US. Which one should i choose?

Hi nova! Being a recent graduate, I don’t really feel qualified to answer your main question. I am a graduate of RIT though, and can comment upon the program.

It’s been developing nicely the last few years. The faculty is really involved with the students (although the student-teacher ratio could be better). Since RIT has a large college of engineering, as well as computer science, there are opportunities to take classes in these disciplines or collaborate on projects. It’s important that you seek these out though. Nothing will just fall in your lap.

Hmm…on second thought, I won’t answer your primary question, but I will provide an opinion:

Learn about both. Form and technology are the mediums through which you’ll express your ideas, but first you need ideas to express. Research is vital to this. Regardless of what school you go to, learn as much as you can about form, drawing, CAD, engineering, materials, theory, science, and current events/trends. You’ll need it all to be a great designer.