ID job without the degree...???

I’m a Graphic design student with about 2 years left, eager to start working but i don’t want to be designing soap packages, my true passion lays in footwear design. i’ve been looking at various design colleges and am seriously considering changing majors, even though it means being in school for a bit longer.

am i doing the right thing? or is there way to finish my degree and work harder outside of class on ID and still be on par with my employment competition graduating with product design degrees? maybe an idea is getting an antry level design job at a shoe company, and squeezing my way into footwear development from there. …

what do you guys think?

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Sort answer: Change majors now.

Long answer: anything is possible with enough hard work and persistence. I have some friends that come from other backgrounds and now work in footwear, but they are the 1% exceptions to the rule where a lot (A LOT!) of hard work collided with great timing and a lot of persistence and perseverance. You could do that… or just transfer now and maybe have one extra year of school and a more diverse education…

damn, i like that…it’s kind of what i wanted to hear. i go to state school right now, the difference between that and an art school is crazy, a good crazy at that. thanks for the advice! i’ve got a few applications out.