ID Internship opportunity in Beijing

I am the Design manager of creiway Design Beijing Studio.Currently we are looking for Internship of industry designer,If you’re interested in this opportunity please reply to me.

Two things, real quick…

Uno- is this for real or is he fishing?

Duo- “cccp” and you’re from a Communist nation? I just don’t know, there is something, but I can not finger it.

Core77 has a Job board. If you would like to post a Job please do it there and not in the forums.

We are not fishing,this is real thing.
The “cccp” is only a abbreviations not about Communist nation.
We have got one guy for the internship,so there is no fishing.
Because it is only a internship,not a Job post,so I public it here.

Both jobs and internships should be posted on coroflot. You can purchase an ad here-