iD intern


I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for, or could help me out with the name of a nice company where i could work as an intern for 3 to 6 months somewhere between june 2007 and august 2008. Preferably London, but any company where an English speaking iD intern is welcome could be a possible candidate.

I am currently studying interaction Design at The Utrecht School of the Arts in The Netherlands.

I have been searching myself and have found a number of companies, but none of them show actual interest in interns, they just look quite nice to perform my internship.

I haven’t contacted any companies yet.

Any help is really very much appreciated!

I’ve found that emailing a complete directory…of design firms you might get like a 2 percent return on replies…but I’ve heard that sending mail teasers might work better. why aren’t you posting this in the students and school category…or in the design employment space?