ID in spain ?

Has anyone studied/studies ID in Spain and could give any kind of opinion on the matter. I’m from Israel and I’m really attracted to the idea of studying in Barcelona for instance but I really don’t know the level of studies over there.
Thanks a lot !

Are you going to Barcelona bc you want to go to Barcelona or bc you want to study?

Well… I want to go to Barcelona and I want to study so why not combine the both ?

although i have no first-hand experience of studying design in barcelona there is no doubting that it is a fantstic city for design influence and pure creative energy. in my own field of engineering/product design spain in general and even catalunya is a bit behind the UK for example, where i studied, especially in terms of research.

the one strong point of studying in barcelona would be the high number of design companies, so you would have no problem in connecting your student work or searching for influences.

re. schools i do know of the Instituto Europeo de Diseño (which also has campuses in Milan etc) while EINA also seems to have a good rep (

ELISAVA is another good school