ID in Minneapolis

Moved from the East Coast to Madison, WI for a great staff ID position two years ago and haven’t looked back…(love the laid back 'tude out here :slight_smile: )

I’ve been toying around with the idea of moving to Minneapolis in pursuit of a mid-level staff ID position at a design firm (medical, consumer product, housewares, etc). I’ve found a few that seem to be solid places to start applying to (Worrell, Polaris, Target).

Does anybody have any experience with this location and could give me a heads up on some other firms…or pitfalls they’ve encountered with working in Minneapolis???



It’s cold. But, it’s cold everywhere. Polaris isn’t in Minneapolis, its farther north… much farther.

There are firms here, but not many openings from what I’ve found recently.

Oh, and Target is probably going to be laying off a few hundred after the new year… that’s the word on the street anyway.

I just heard from a friend-of-a-friend that Target asked Best Buy about the buy-out deals they offered 4,000 people. With retail sucking it’s time to push the downsize button at the big boxes.

Yeah, this is the downswing, it would seem. Great city though, and it’s not that cold, you get used to it after a while.

Thanks for the insight guys, the economic downturn sucks, especially transitioning to another job lol. Is there any well known Medical Design firms in the Minneapolis area???

It is probable that all of the consultancies have medical experience with Medtronic based there. 3M also has a sizeable medical division. Minnetronix (contract manufacturer) is medical but I don’t know if they have any IDers on staff. They may be outsourced.

Even though it is in October, go to MD&M. There are always a few ID companies exhibiting there. Or check the exhibiter list for some leads.