ID in LA

Hello! Im a noob again. I used to be active back when I was a younger designer but forgot my credentials :frowning:

Im planning to move to LA for personal reasons, and wanted to revive the discussion about industrial design in Los Angeles that I found in a thread from over a year ago: Looking for I.D. work in Los Angeles

Im currently creating a list of design firms and corporations from that thread, the core77 and IDSA listings, etc. But I wanted to know if there were any headhunters/recruiters that helped anyone find a job in LA and any other info on startups or jobs that might not be listed, appreciate the help. Information on the design community and scene are also helpful!

For reference, Im a Director level design manager with a split in tech and fashion with 14 years experience in the industry, 10 of those as a manager. I like to be hands on, not just a people manager.

For Fashion there are: Vans (Irvine), Quicksilver (Huntington Beach), Fox (Irvine) Adidas. Also a few cosmetics companies.
Haven’t seen many director/manager roles. Arlo (in Irvine) had a director position a few weeks/months ago.
No experience with recruiters. Only the ones that contact u through LinkedIn trying to fill a position.
Good luck

Thanks FH. Ive gathered the list below so far on the places I’d consider, especially since Im focusing more in areas west of downtown LA due to the proximity to my girlfriend’s job (dont want too crazy of a commute), Im still gathering info. Any places to add let me know!

RKS design
Pip Tompkin

Snap Inc

Fahion (Im more interested in fashion tech or wearables, but worth listing):

Where in LA is your girlfriends job?
As you may know, RKS & Designworks are by Thousand Oaks (also Harbor Freight Tools) which is still pretty far from Downtown LA. The only way to get there is the 405 and then the 101 which I assume would be pretty bad during rush hour.

Mattel, in El Segundo.
Karten Industrial Design in Marina Del Rey

Ring recently had a job opening. That would be ideal for you (location wise & company)

K-Swiss is also in Westlake Village.

Hi Designflux - You can also check the links / references at

Thanks everyone! My gf would be working in Beverly Grove near West Hollywood.