ID in Germany - internationally renowned schools?

im planning to start ID but i’m not that sure if Germany is the best choice. Problem is: I can’t afford any of the famous colleges in the U.S. and I’m not into Transportation Design. I’d rather focus on furniture, lighting and electronics/tools. I would be interested in studying abroad (if it’s even reasonable to do so) but i have to keep my money together :stuck_out_tongue: I’m looking into the “FH Joanneum” a school in Austria atm - let me know what you’ve heard about that one :wink:

So i guess the main question is: Do you think Germany is a “good place” to start ID or should i rather look abroad?

what about Hochschule Pforzheim - Pforzheim University

That’s one of the most renowned ID schools in Germany but sadly it focuses mostly on Transportation Design (strong ties with the automobile industry)


You’re in a golden position. You in the center of Europe so theres quite a selection to go to.
Haven’t heard too much of the German schools, except for the ones in dresden due to our exchange students.

Check out what Holland and Denmark can offer you. Don’t think any of those countries have any really dedicated automotive programs either, mainly furniture stuff. Eindhoven and Copenhagen come to mind.

I was at FH-Joanneum for an exchange semester. Very good school and students. High pace and high pressure, but the students there really suck it up and create some wonderful stuff. So you should def. have a closer look at that one. Graz as a city was beautiful, and quite a nice place to live. Can’t vow for it in the long run though, it’s pretty compact so you get to know it pretty well, pretty fast.

Theres also solid schools in both the UK and France. And if youre willing to move a bit further and colder, Sweden, Norway and finland have some good programs to offer too. (Oslo, Stockholm, Umeå, Lund, Gothenburg, Helsingfors)

That’s exactly why i don’t want to blow it :laughing:

Wasn’t there something about “Bauhaus”? My guess would be you meant the Bauhaus University in Weimar.

Will do! Any other schools there i should know/check out?

High pace and high pressure … holy cow i better get some more practicing done asap :open_mouth:

UK = expensive; France = noooooohohoooo thank you :laughing:

I’ve only heard good things about the education system in Sweden so far - does that count for universities, too?

Thanks for all that advice :exclamation:

Hah, yeah i did some ninja-edits in my first post.

But in your case, if you dont have anything holding you back from moving abroad. Go for it! It’s a great experience.

Denmark: Think there should be a decent school in Aarhus too. Can’t tell you anything about it. Thing about Denmark is that theres so much more focus on architechture there, from what i’ve understood.

Sweden: Big perk here is that most schools are very flexible with language. On the other hand, last to Germans that have been to my school in Lund, now speak fluent swedish, Pretty amazing. Yeah, the Universities are the crown of the system. we also have something similar to the FH, which is called Högskola. The quality there can vary a lot more.

Cant tell you too much about Oslo, but i haven’t heard anything bad about it. However, Oslo is super-expensive, just like London.

If you’d like i could give you some adresses to the German students we’ve had here. Theres been quite a few over the years, and the trend doesnt seem to decrease, rather the opposite. (for the record: I go to Lund university, which is heavily sponsored by IKEA)

Uhhh IKEA sounds great (as i said before, not a transportation fan :smiley:). If you still have those adresses I’d be really glad to have 'em but now i have to sleep … my day was waaaaaaaaaaaay too long :stuck_out_tongue:

Look into the Koln International School of Design. I’m actually in the process of getting for information about it and am strongly considering going there. It’s a bit different from most design schools, but it’s pretty well known (made BusinessWeek top design schools twice.)

Do they even have Industrial Design? All i could find was Integrated Design (which sounds pretty half-baked to me).

I’ve know some good designers from French and German schools (and of course the UK)

The Germans designers I met had come from 2 schools - Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee (which I visited once). It seemed very hands on, the designers production oriented, AND Berlin is a very cool city to live. the other was Akademie der Künste in Stuttgart where several famous designers have taught, but I cant read German so it’s hard to tell what’s going on there now. there’s another as well, University of Applied Science at Munich, where I have seen an ID “diplomashow” presentation with nice work

France has some great schools, and the vibe seems like a blend of italian flamboyancy and UK thought-driven design. One of my students had done a foreign exchange from Strate and was top notch. Known a few Frogs from there too. ENSAD has a great reputation as well

I’ll look into those, thanks! What City the school is in doesn’t really matter that much for me, though.

France isn’t going to happen… like never xD

You might be better of looking into a german board when searching such specific information.
There are design school rankings by “Focus”, Design Report, and eventually also “Form”.

Pfortzheim might be the internationally best renown school, but it is not centered on ID.

Out of first hand experience Schwaebisch Gmuend and Wuppertal are the two schools I
would recommend. Until the recent change in program Cologne was a desaster in my eyes.
Very “artsy” projects but no “real” ID with the neccessary technical and research foundations.
(Which is a weak point in most schools .) A “hip” place like Berlin might be a cool
sorrounding, but not so if you are working your ass off in your studies.
(ID is very time consuming if done with passion.)

The key question was: Stay in Germany or look into schools elsewhere? That’s why I asked for opinions from outside of Germany :slight_smile:

In my school, we could take a year in another university… I went to the university in the USA but also spent time at a design school in Spain. Maybe you could try out several schools that way (Erasmus or Socrates programs?)

Another thing you might want to think about is trying a school in the Far East, even for a semester or two. Getting experience and a local connection network might pay off in the long run

I will definitely do that (semester abroad) but it’s more about finding the right “starting” school at the moment :wink:

For your area of interest, Munich/Stuttgart and Berlin seem to be good places.
They have vibrant design scenes for furniture and product design.

Out of my own experience, studying in a larger place was very important to me. But everybody is different in that regard.
Your networking options and surroundings are important. Also considering a larger city means that you will have the chance to fuel your imagination with culture and influences from other fields and corners of the world.

not to mention, Munich is kinda close to Milan.