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Hello, new to this site and industrial design, and would like to know if there are any bachelor degrees in industrial design in the state of Florida. Besides ITT Tech, I come from a web design background and am looking to get into industrial design and CADD


The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale is the only school that I know of with an industrial design program in FL.

this will no doubt open a big can of “AIFL sucks ass” worms, but maybe we can avoid repitition by reading these previous posts

and this one is actually kinda helpful with some links to recent graduate corefolios

Ai is good for CADD too, lots of SolidWorks, and you also learn a little Alias and have the opportunity to learn Rhino (I think).

Ai was great, and lots of ladies to boot :smiley:

You are working Copyboy, right?

Yes, I have a sweet job!!

until my boss finds out my school wasn’t NASAD accredited, then I’ll be up chocolate creek without a popsicle stick :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Where is that Chocolate creek again?

No, way Im not going to another private design school, I had a horrible experience with a school in Orlando(Winter Park), that I rather not bring up, just looking to get into CADD and trying to find a bachelors degree to compliment it from the state of florida, since I already have an AA, dont want a BFA, and the only degrees in drafting are at 2 year community colleges.

Anybody know of any 4-year programs that would relate to drafting, besides a BS in Arch./Eng. This is why I was thinking Industrial Design.

Any info appreciated

If you wanted to get into CAD alone, you can get training specifically for one program. All of them have education and training. They have certificates also.

Whats Drafting?? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Ok, I understand I can take a course(s) on Autocad, but is it worth learning if the specific industry using Arch Desktop or something similiar.

Im not real sure what type of CAD I want to do, but i know there is engineering software (Cad-based) that are used to built boats, cars, aircraft, spaceships,etc. That would be awesome to get a job doing that. Or maybe house design. Would I need a degree in engineering or just software training.


If you want to do engineering in aerospace, automotive, consumer or marine, I would recommend getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering from a respected school. Just having software experience alone won’t get you in the industry anymore, you will need a degree as most jobs require it along with experience.

If you don’t want to get a engineering degree you could always go with a 2 year drafting/CAD degree but be forwarned it’s not a rewarding career move and the work can be very boring/repetative. Odds are you will be stucking doing the shit work while you see others doing the fun design work.

Ok heres the deal, I want to do the cool cad stuff, but I dont think Im cut out for some of the courses in an engineering degree(high level math and science), but I dont want a 2 year drating degree either, because I want a bachelors, are their any other degree options, or is BA in arch or eng the only way?


my friend, you are “cut out” for anything you set your mind to.

The answer is easy, search for “design engineer” or “Solidworks” for example since it’s a popular CAD program, you will see many jobs listed, all will require a engineering degree for the most part. Some will require knowledge in other software UG, Catia, Solidedge, Pro/E and etc.

Arch or Civil requirements are usually the same though software differs, you need a specifc engineering degree on top of having a PE license which is always a requirement.

Unfortunatley there is no easy way out, degree plus experience are required in this day and age.

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1st… get out of Florida. ANYWHERE in the nation is better professionally or socially.

You can do anything you apply yourself too… becoming a great sales person for your skills helps.

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