ID in Europe, one year course or degree program? need advice

hi everybody,
I’m from Luxembourg, I’m 18 years old and i’m in the last year of high school.
I’d love to study industrial design somewhere in Europe, on a renowned school to boost the chance of finding a nice job. I waded through the list of schools, but all the schools which look interesting want to see a portfolio. Because I don’t have much experience in design, i thought it would be a good idea to do a one year basic course first, before applying to the degree program.
I’m not quite sure yet whether to study in english language or german. german is easier for me, but i’m not that bad in english too. I thought about doing the one year course in english to see whether my english is good enough for studying.
Is the one year course a bad idea?
I would love to hear some advice or tips which school to attend.
thanks in advance.

does no one have any advice for me

I’m confused are you planning on spending 1 year studying english prior to university or are you intending to do a foundation year in something like art before university?

You also mention the universities you have looked at all require a portfolio and it is possible to assume that you don’t have one otherwise you would of applied.

Therefore what will one year spent learning english acheive in regards to your portfolio? Nothing.

I would also add that especially with the UK universities that when they say portofolio you can pretty much submit anything and you’ll get in (imo). As long as it shows the design process you will be fine.

Its entirely up to you, you could do a foundation art year, here in the UK which will hone your art drawing skills, note these wont be industrial design drawings, your talking more figure based drawing, painting with sticks etc… Or you could do some design projects in your spare time get together a portfolio and apply to an undergrad program.

The only place in the UK which I would say is hard to get into in regards to undergrad program is Coventry for its transdepartment. Northumbria, Brunel, Loughborough (which are the top 3 in the UK for undergrad product design ) are a doddle to get into.

English universities are also very tolerant of overseas students we have lots of chinese students studying over here and the lectures and peers are very patient with them interms of the langauge barrier, and considering your writeen english is fine i would say you should be ok.

Cant help in regards to german, france, swiss, dutch universities.

From what I gather you´re talking about doing a one year basic course in Design, and are wondering whether to do a course in German or English. I would definitely say English, it will open up a lot more possibilities unless your heart is set on working in Germany or Austria. Many universities in Europe operate in English, not just in the UK, but also in Scandinavia and especially the Netherlands. Do it!

Oh and don´t just do a short course, draw as much as you can and put the best stuff in a folio. A short course will only provide a small ammount of stuff and the higher you can raise your skills the higher your chances will be of getting in…