ID in Australia

I am travelling to Australia to ride some waves and will be taking my folio down with me in the hope of landing some work. Has anyone worked in Australia or know how big the scene is there.

Any insight would be awesome!


Good luck trying to land a job here.

The design scene is miniscule. They are predominantly consultancies who already have their team of designers. Very rarely do they employ junior designers because it takes time while they learn the ropes. And to be quite honest many firms dont have the time or resources to take on someone who cant put back much into the company.

Which part of Aus will be visiting? I coud give ya some names of companies here

Here’s an interesting link:

damn right it’s hard to get a job as a junior designer .
doesnt help that my uni gave no work placement or job advice whatsoever, and now the degrees been axed anyway!

i finished last year and no one will even look at your resume cos they can’t afford to hire or they dont have the time and resources you’re right. it’s horrible cos how are you supposed to get experience when nobody will give you a go!

there’s nothing advertised, jobwise, it’s all word of mouth, or contacts. i’m really disheartened with the lack of industrial design opportunities and beginning to think my degree was a complete waste of time.